Water, Electricity & Sanitation

As Sanitation, Electricity & Water paly a huge role in the development of the country, the Sultanate has given the responsibility of regulating electricity, water and sanitation management to a number of government institutions and companies where all necessary services regarding this sector are provided for citizens and residence such as Connecting a new water meter, Connecting an additional meterExcavation PermitComplaints and Reports, My E-Portal.

Waste management

Oman strives towards a vision to conserve the environment of a beautiful Oman for future generations, be’ah was established under this vision and to control environmental damage incurred during traditional waste dumping processes, structure the waste sector and its related services in a sustainable manner.

Online Services

Open Data

Open Data


  • 2 million tons year of municipal solid waste in 2016
  • 1.5 million tons year of industrial waste
  • 4.5 million tons year of healthcare waste

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