The Sultanate of Oman is the 3rd largest country located in the southeast coast of the Arabian Peninsula. It overlooks the Arabian Sea on the southeast and the Oman Sea on the northeast, this location has opened a channel of political, economic, and cultural communications with others. Furthermore, the Sultanate is known to be one of the most diverse countries geographically as it consist of a mix of sandy desserts, fertile plains, and green mountains in the south of the country in fall. This geographical diversity contributes in climate change among governorates.

Oman has an ancient heritage and culture as its archeological sites are still present today such as forts and castles as well as it’s ancient culture, where the customs, arts, traditions, architecture and many other activities such as camel racings, horse racing and bullfight are still present today.

These special treats, has made Oman an important attraction for travelers as well as the services that are available for visitors such as planning your trip from Applying for a visabooking flight ticketssearch for hotels, tour operators ,car rentals & ITC to checking bus routes. Also, the ministry of tourism has suggested tour plans while touring Oman for better and comfortable visit such as eco-tourism and activities such as Scuba-DivingCruisesMountain ClimbingWhale WatchingBird watchingTurtle WatchingDolphin Watching and shopping as well as recommending places to visit such as MuseumsWorld Heritage Site , CastlesForts , Mosques and natural wonders such as The Wadis (Valleys) MountainsCavesDesertsBeachesislands water SpringsAkhwar and Rock Garden. However, the ministry also makes sure to help visitors in case of emergency by providing a list of Foreign Consulates and Embassies in OmanPolice stations – contact numberssafety tips,  Ambulance Service for Injured and Sick people  as well as essential Health Services.

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  • 3.3 million inbound visitors in 2017
  • 136577 Salalah season visitors fall 2018
  • 359 hotels until 2017

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