Social Service

Family is the backbone of the society as it ensures its continuous development and well-being. Therefore, the government focuses on providing every family with its needs, whether material or moral. It has set plans and programs that guarantee that every member of the society gets equal services, including social security cases. These social security cases include the following:

Persons with Disabilities

Ministry of social development highlights the need to have a rehabilitation center to get an educational atmosphere that helps disabled people adopt with their disability. Also the MOCD provides a number of services for disabled people including car parking permit for the disabled (foot movement disability) , Disabled person card request and Aviation fees deduction service.

In 2018, Oman was ranked among the top 10 performers globally and first regionally in Digital Accessibility Rights Evaluation (DARE) index conducted by G3ict, The Global Initiative for Inclusive ICTs, which aims to benchmark digital accessibility for persons with disabilities. 
Oman’s achievement in digital accessibility is an outcome of the existing legislations, laws and policies issued over the last 10 years, since 2008 as well as the exerted efforts by government and private organizations and non-governmental organizations under the leadership of the Ministry of Technology and Communications (MTC).

Social Insurance Entitlements

The government gives financial aids for people who do not have a money provider. It provides them with a monthly income to cover their needs by Obtain Social Security Services.

Elderly Welfare

Old people have been provided with all their needs. Health institutions provide the elderly with all health services required. Here are some services available for the elderly as Care for the Elders Service.

Social Insurance and Pension

Public Authority for Social Insurance holds the responsibility of providing social insurance services in Oman. Its vision is “To ensure social protection for individuals, families, and the society under an insurance scheme that is based on the principles of justice and social solidarity and is comprehensive and sustainable.

Social Consultancy Services

The Sultanate of Oman, through its adopted development policies, focuses on family as the core of development, since it raises the generations equipped with the competence and capabilities to serve their country. Hence, many family consultancy programs, including maternal and child welfare, were conducted to support families and guide them.

Family Consultancy

The Family Consultancy and Guidance Department at the Ministry of Social Development works to provide domestic counseling services, including marital counseling. It directs individuals and families to the proper authorities so that their needs can be met. The department focuses primarily on the needs of senior citizens and children.

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  • 34,365 Persons with disability
  • 79,487 Social Security cases
  • 101145 Number of the Elderly

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