Shura (Parliament )

Parlimant in Oman

The Parliament in Oman is mainly represented through the State Council and Shura Council that are eligible to practice the parliament activities as defined in the Omani laws and legislations. They are granted the terms of reference that facilitates their role as representatives to the citizen. The Municipal Council has become part of the parliament aspects in Oman in 2011 to provide more attention to citizens’ opinions in the municipal issues.

State and Shura Councils

The State and Shura Councils are main pillars in the Omani parliament as they are part of the main national projects, law drafts and the major plans. Shura Council members are elected by the citizens to represent them in the settings with the government officials to discuss the main concerns and issues and try to solve it in the best way.

Municipal Council

The Municipal Council was established as per the Royal Decree No. (116/2011) on the 6th of October 2011. It is the core of the regional municipal councils in the Sultanate. These councils are entitled to communicate the citizens’ opinions and concerns regarding the development of municipal systems and services in the governorates. The members in these councils are elected by the citizens themselves.

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  • 85 Members of Shura Council
  • 202 Members of Municipal Council
  • 11 Numbers of Municipal Councils

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