Safety & Security

Oman strictly keeps a high sense of secure and peaceful living for its citizens, residents and visitors. Thus, the government provides all means to ensure the well-being of individuals living in Oman.

Civil Defense and Ambulance Authority (CDAA), along with ROP, provides immediate intervention and services that include in-house and on-site ambulance, air ambulance and emergency and rescue services. CDAA plays a key role in The National Emergency Management System, mainly in search and rescue Operations, hazardous substance incident responses, and report responses and incident/crisis management.

In case of emergency you encounter in Oman, you can dial any of the following:

  • Medical Emergencies – Ambulance services call 9999
  • Fire Emergencies-call 9999
  • Traffic Emergencies- call (+968) 24343666
  • Water Emergencies – DIAM helpline call 1442
  • Electricity emergencies, call 80077222
  • Civic Emergencies- Muscat Municipality Helpline call 1111
  • Flood other Natural Disaster Emergencies- Civil Defense Helpline call 9999
  • Child Protection helpline call 1100
Furthermore, the Sultanate of Oman provides the citizens and residence many security services such as hydrographic service and TABSEET application to provide easy access to Ministry of Defense e-services including supplier registration, payment gateway for invoices, etc.


Cyber Security:

Oman National Computer Emergency Readiness Team (OCERT) seeks to gain global standards of information security for the Sultanate since it was officially launched in April 2010.

For online malware and hacks, you can Report an online attack .
Also, there are other services provided by OCERT which you can request online such as Visit Request, Training Request and Vulnerability Assessment

National Security:

Directorate General of Passport and Residence affiliated to ROP works on all processes and topics related to immigration, eVisa and other tasks.

Online Services




  • 432,978 cyber security attempted attacks
  • 71,472 web attacks
  • 2,334 cyber security incidents
  • 140 digital forensics cases
  • 45 cyber awareness sessions in ITA
  • 53 cyber awareness sessions in government organizations

Mobile Applications

  • Young Consumer
  • Royal Oman Police
  • Electronic Consumer Guide
  • Tabseet