Foreign affairs

Foreign affairs

Oman’s foreign policy is based on the development and maintenance of good relations with all Oman’s neighbors and search for security and stability through cooperation and peace, rather than conflict. The ministry of foreign affairs offers the following services Document Authentication from Ministry of Foreign Affairs.


As well known about the warm hospitality of Oman, the sultanate ensures to provide easiness and comfort to all visitors and residence. Therefore, visitors can obtain Employment Visa , Employment Contracting Visa , Family Joining / Residence Visa , Student Resident Visa , Investor resident Visa , Express Visa , Multiple Entry Visa , Relative/Friend Visit Visa , Official Visit Visa , Troupe (Artist) Visa , Truck Drivers' Visa , Transit Visa , Road Transit Visa , Seamen's Transit Visa , Scientific Research Visa and Tourist online by Applying for a visa.

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  • 543,738 Number of Residence Visas 2017
  • 50 Number of Embassies