Child & family

Child and family

The Sultanate pays high attention to the children and the family well-being, as it is the fundamental block towards building a healthy community.

Maternal and Child Healthcare

In Oman, the childcare begins with the mother before the childbirth and continues after delivery. Maternal and child Health Programs are concerned of following pregnant women and their fetus’s health through regular check-ups to give the mother all the tips and medications needed to maintain her health and her baby’s. The Ministry of Health focuses on birth spacing as a significant element in mothers’ healthcare plan. It also celebrates World Breastfeeding Week in August every year to encourage all mothers to consider the significance of breastfeeding as a fundamental step towards a healthier childhood.


The health centers follows up children’s immunization from the age of 1 month until joining schools. The immunization takes a specific course according to certain immunization program provided by the Ministry of Health, and then the school health department follows up their immunizations during their academic years.

Child’s protection

The government is keen to focus on child’s wellbeing by putting the right measures for the health institution and making laws and regulations that serve this objective such as Child’s Law . The same extends to include the mother who is usually the main caregiver of the child. All healthcare staff in the hospitals are educated and prepared to detect any sign of abuse by attending to details that may appear while examining and report it immediately. Also, individuals can report abuse of any form online, or by calling the Child Protection Hotline on 1100.

Children with Disabilities

It is a genuine right for every child to get a decent living and enjoy all the opportunities that will grant a happy life. Disabilities are no longer a restriction for some individuals as the Omani government works on creating opportunities of all forms to support persons with disabilities, mainly children, by enrolling them to Special Rehabilitation Centers across the Sultanate to overcome the challenges caused by a certain disability. Besides, the private sector shares this responsibility by establishing more rehabilitation centers to serve the children with disabilities on specific ranges.

Family care

Family is the basis of a community construction; moreover, a good family equals a good community. Taking this as a standpoint, Ministry of Social Development established the Directorate of Developing and Empowering the Family to boost a healthy growth of the Omani family and to promote the living standards of citizens.
For more support, the Family Counseling and Guidance department offers free social consultancy services and targets all citizens who suffer from psychological or social problems.
The Department offers guidance and support through initial interviews with them to classify their condition, answer their questions, and then decide on the type of services it can offer to them. Then, guidance sessions will be organized, if necessary, according to the applicant’s circumstances. The applicant may be asked to fill in some forms to get this service and the department will decided on the required documents, cases of eligibility, the period of providing the service, and the time of completion.
This service is available on phone as well, through the Family Consultation Hotline 80077788.

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