Agriculture & Fisheries

Agricultural guidance

The Sultanate attaches great attention to the development and expansion of the agricultural sector. It invests on all means that can lead to a sustainable agricultural environment and the scientific research outputs that contribute to creating an inclusive knowledge for the workers in the field. This results in improving the agricultural patterns, methods and tools used in Oman.

The government supports the agricultural development centers and integrates research centers with agricultural guidance to strengthen the link between technical cadres working on agricultural research, guidance and development and to create a long-term cooperation that involves the farmers directly.

Agricultural guidance is perceived as a key element of the future of Oman’s agricultural resources. Thus, Oman works towards enriching the field with modern technical tools and means to achieve continuous and rapid improvements that provide a flow of information based on the latest measures and updates. It also aims at utilizing research outputs in creating new methods of learning for the targeted groups in the agricultural field, as well as developing new path in the scientific research system, which comes within the objectives of the #Oman_2040 vision.


The Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Water Resources achieved a remarkable development in the field of aquaculture in Oman as a result of a wide range of scientific and applied researches.
Aquaculture is one of the important resource of fisheries production in Oman that contributes effectively to the national economy. The Ministry has set broad plans to develop it and invest in aquaculture in order to achieve sustainability and compatibility with the environment. Fisheries Oman Development (FDO) is the first government company specialized in aquaculture production, with an expected capacity of 30,000 tons by 2025 and in specific locations with a high compatibility with aquaculture standards.

The Blue Water Company for fish farming in the Sultanate distributes its products through cooperation with the Behar Plus platform as a digital means to facilitate the trade of fisheries inside and outside Oman. For wholesale of fisheries products, The Central Wholesale Market of Fisheries provides a platform to implement trade deals for local and forign merchants.

The Sultanate has been interested in expanding the field of fish farming as its projects reached to18 projects by the end of the year 2020. These projects contribute to supplementing production, supporting economic development and stimulating the investment environment in the Sultanate.

Fisheries Resources

Fisheries is one of the most important economic pillar and is known for its wide variety and biodiversity. Fishing in Oman is also a profession inherited through generations, and an economic and social activity for many citizens. This is due to the geographical location of the Sultanate of Oman, as the Omani coastline stretches for a distance of 3165 km.

Fisheries Awareness

The Sultanate seeks to achieve social, economic and technical development of fisheries through conducting fisheries awareness activities. Accordingly, technical support is provided by organizing training workshops for fishermen to improve fishing methods and fish trading, and by implementing many activities and events in the various coastal governorates of the Sultanate.

(28) local committees for marine fish were established and distributed over all the coastal states of the governorates. The committees aim to present proposals and recommendations about activities related to the Fisheries sector and to submit proposals related to the Fisheries development studies. In addition, the committees work to resolve disputes that occur between fishermen as well as helping them in expressing their opinions on the decisions of the regulatory framework issued by the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries Wealth and Water Resources to regulate the fisheries sector.

Fisheries Industries

The Sultanate seeks comprehensiveness and integration of the Fisheries sector, and the advancement of fisheries industries in line with the sustainability of fish resources. This is achieved by increasing value-added fish processing projects and diversifying fish products.

New Technologies in Agriculture

The Sultanate attaches great importance to rationalizing irrigation water in agriculture, raising the efficiency of its use, and increasing agricultural production. It has followed some modern techniques to achieve this, including:

Fisheries Services

This section consists of a range of services related to fishing activities like training, consultant services, investment projects as well as licensing services. An efficient service including Fishing Practicing License (Arabic Only) and Veterinary permit for Importing Live Fish & fish Products and Ornamental Fish (Arabic Only).

Agriculture services

This section reviews the services provided by Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries in the agricultural sector such as the activities of Agriculture, Irrigation and equipment. An efficient service including Request to change the use of an agricultural land (Arabic Only) and Request support for modern irrigation (Arabic Only).

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