The sultanate is a home of diverse environments that varies between mountains, valleys (Wadies), deserts, coasts and various nature conservations.
Environment Authority works keenly towards ensuring a sustainable environment for all, against all the potential hazards that might occur due to the frequent developments of human life, the impacts of global warming and climate change. The Authority carries on many environmental initiatives that contribute to conserve a natural and sustainable environment.
In 2001, The Law of Conservation of the Environment and Prevention of Pollution (attached) was issued to identify the main principals and guidelines that manages the environmental affairs in Oman. Government and private sectors, as well as individual adhere to this Law in order to ensure the safety of the Omani environment.
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Environmental Permits

Because of such variation, it is important to ensure the optimization of such environmental and natural resources within the laws that will protect and sustain these resources through environmental permits provided for individuals, companies and public establishments.

Global Warming and Climate Change

Global warming and climate change are major environment problems as they have significant long-term impacts on the eco-system and all other aspects of life. Oman has taken the needed efforts to deal with these threats and find the best ways to mitigate the potential damages to the minimum. Citizens and residents can see the daily updates in this regard on the service

Plastic Ban in Oman

Environment Authority carried out studies and discussions with partners in the public and private sectors, and decided on March 9, 2020, to impose the ban in Oman. This decision was supported by most of citizens and residents, who showed a positive response to the ban and encouraged implementing the decision at its due time. All merchants are committed to the guidelines of the authorities and have been promoting reusable bags in all stores to support the change towards reducing the use of plastic to the minimum.


Oman is considered a newborn to the world of recycling, for it recycles 26% of paper, 12% of plastic, 11% of metal and 5% of glass only. However, some initiative was carried out in this regard. Government and non-government institutions are taking part in recycling in Oman, and are seeking a greener Oman through enhancing recycling methods.

Save the Environment

The conservation of the environment is the responsibility of every member of the community. You can save the environment by reporting any hazard or threat through the following:

  • Filling the online form of reporting an environmental hazard
  • Calling hotlines on: (+968) 24693666 (24/7)/ 92580333 / 92313302/ 99219429 / 99632164


Online Services

Instructional Videos

  • Environmental Excellence Apprenticeship Program