Registration of Marriage / Divorce

Service Description

Marriage/divorce must be registered in the Civil Register to be legally valid. This service is available for Omani citizens and residents in the Sultanate, in case one party of the marriage or divorce has Omani nationality. The event must be reported within 30 days from the date of occurrence. The Ministry of Justice, represented by the Notary Public departments, shall issue the marriage/ divorce certificates.

The Notary Public departments send the marriage/ divorce notifications along with the related documents to the Directorate General of Civil Status.

To register marriage or divorce after long time, one party may apply to a Civil Status section/department with original documents of the marriage or divorce requesting the registration of the event.

The applicant should apply for the service in person at  any of the Civil Status Directorates in the Sultanate. 

  • Beneficiaries
  • Community
  • Individuals
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Applying Channels
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Required Documents

  • Original of the marriage certificate or divorce documents.
  • The original residence card if one of the parties is an Omani citizen.
  • Original identification (ID/residence card/passport of both the marriage/divorce parties.
  • In case of marriage if one of the parties is non-Omani, present the Ministry of Interior's permit of marriage to a foreigner.
  • Applicant must appear in person.


Any marriage certificate / divorce document issued abroad must, be approved by the authorities concerned.

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