يهمنا نسمع #شوركم


The Information Technology Authority (MTC) adopted the eParticipation concept through utilizing information and communication technologies to improve communication with the citizens, interaction with their opinion and suggestions, and participation in decision-making.

Shurkum initiative

The Information Technology Authority created Shurkum initiative that includes a group of channels and platforms to reinforce eParticipation. Some of the channels utilized in this initiative are open discussion with the public, conducting some eSurveys and polls to get community and individuals opinion in MTC’s projects and plans.

Shurkum initative statistic

Shurkum discussion topics

The MTC discussed Several topics through Shurkum initiative to get public opinion on some of the projects and plans to engage the community in developing the services and laws and legislations related to ICT.

Shurkum Events

List of Events created under Shurkm

shurkum 1

Discussing eGovernment transformation plan

The session discussed the challenges facing the implementation of the eGovernment transformation plan and get public suggestions to overcome them.


Shurkum 2

Personal Information Protection Law

This session discussed the proposed draft of the Personal Information Protection Law, which was drafted by the MTC in cooperation with some government entities to take the specialists opinion on the law articles. 


shurkum 3

Discussing MTC Business Plan 2016 – 2020

The session discussed the Ministry of Technology and Communications business plan as part of the Sultanate (9th) Five-Years Development Plan (2016 – 2020) to take their opinion before submitting the plan.


shurkum 4

Omani entrepreneurs and the international ICT market

The session discussed the challenges and opportunities for Omani entrepreneurs in establishing their projects remarkably in international ICT market.


Shurkum 5

Creative implementation of eParticipation for Government entities

Discussing the role of government entities in reinforcing the eParticipation and decision-making through social media channels.


shurkum 6

Promoting eParticipation among Government Entities

The session discussed the importance of activating eParticipation by the government entities through its various electronic channels and raising public awareness on the importance of eParticipation in improving the performance of the government projects.


Shurkum 7

The opportunities available in the Sultanate in the technologies of the fourth Industrial Revolution

The session addressed the Fourth Industrial Revolution technologies, the opportunities available in the Sultanate, and the challenges faced by small and medium-sized companies in benefiting from these technologies and employing them in their projects and business ideas.

Shurkum Youth

The opportunities available in the Sultanate in the technologies of the fourth Industrial Revolution

The session highlighted the possibility of taking advantages of emerging technologies in the 4thIndustrial Revolution in executing projects that support the IT industry in the Sultanate.

Shurkum 8

Protecting Kids in Cyberspace, Reality and Suggestions

The session reviewed the vulnerability of children in the Sultanate to cyber threats. It also touched upon the most important efforts exerted and its effectiveness to protect them and some solutions that may help to provide a safe environment for children in cyberspace.

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eParticipation tools

The Information Technology Authority (MTC) utilizes the following tools in implementing Shurkum Initiative: