eParticipation Policy


The Official eGovernment Services Portal of the Sultanate of Oman gives the opportunity to all segments of society to involve themselves in the dialogue and interaction on all aspects related to the Oman Digital Society. This will enable members of the community to electronically contact us, offer their feedback, or make comments or suggestions.


Our main objective is to establish a process for listening and talking to users and to respond to their feedback, complaints and suggestions.


Our pledge to users is that we will listen and respond to your comments or suggestions, but only when those comments are directed at specific services, facilities or policies related to the Portal. Furthermore, we will acknowledge your input and reply to you with a carefully considered answer. From you, it is expected that you shall behave responsibly and not make comments which are irrelevant to the context of the Portal or are inappropriate according to Oman's culture, as these will be removed immediately from view and excluded from consideration. For any queries unrelated to the Portal context, we will direct you to the appropriate authority who can best answer your question.

Facilities for online participation

Facilities for online participation The Official eGovernment Services Portal of the Sultanate of Oman currently provides the following facilities for online participation:
  • Social networking:
    • Facebook: Read the latest news as it happens and engage in discussions with other users.
    • Receive short, timely messages from and about the Portal.
    • Watch online videos about the Official eGovernment Services Portal and leave your comments.
  • User satisfaction surveys: Can be filled out and submitted at any time, at your leisure.
  • ‘Contact us’ facility: Found at the bottom of every page of the Portal, you can leave your comments and suggestions and feedback.
  • Toll-free phone number 800-77777: Can be used to contact the Portal’s call center if you have a problem with a specific eGovernment service.
  • RSS– Subscription feature for getting updates from the Oman portal automatically into RSS readers or web-browser
  • Poll – Seek visitor’s opinion about an issue of concern and aggregate the responses to see
  • Survey– Get public views for surveys launched online by the Information Technology Authori

We are always looking for ways to improve online participation and any suggestions you are most welcome. In addition to the above:

  • Your feedback, both complaints and suggestions will be securely filed in our systems and our team will keenly study what you send us.
  • Your inputs and requests will be forwarded to the concerned people for suitable action.
  • We analyse and archive all feedback that we receive from you and publish the most commonly asked questions, along with our responses in our FAQ section.
  • Alternatively, you can reach us for any further information through our toll-free number 800-77777.