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Questionnaire to expand the scope of direct transport of household waste (By Muscat Municipality)

This questionnaire was made to discuss implementing the direct transport system for household waste in some neighborhoods in Muscat Governorate and canceling the system of external containers distributed in the neighborhood to collect household waste. It also included plans to expand the application of the system in other neighborhoods. As a result of this questionnaire, the system has been implemented in several areas in Muscat. This questionnaire was published through the Municipality website, Twitter and Facebook social media platforms. Click here to see the questionnaire.

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Application of fines to violators in Muscat (By Muscat Municipality)

Muscat Municipality has reacted immediately towards the citizens’ tweets where they reported many incidents for throwing garbage in public places and causing destruction for public property. As a result, it responded to the community's request by applying fines on violations of the public properties in Muscat.

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Ashjar (Trees) (By MECA)

This initiative was launched by the Ministry of Environment and Climate Affairs (MECA) to encourage the community preserve the Omani wild trees and prevent them from extinction. It provide different species of the Omani trees that are nearly vanishing and encourage citizens and institutions to plant them. It aims at combating the desertification and promoting their medicinal and economic value as well as their role in the ecosystem.

Citizens and corporates can apply online to get saplings of these trees. This initiative published through the digital and traditional media outlets to increase the community awareness of this topic. Visit Ashjar (Trees) Page.

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