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Here you can find all the interactive channels and social media networks related to the government entities. Such platforms allow you to give your feedback, suggestions and even complain in order to give a wider range of interaction with the government. For further direct assistance, this section will help you find the government entities' websites address, email address and phone numbers as well.

Government Social Media Accounts

A list of the government entities social media accounts

The Supreme Council for Planning (SCP

The Supreme Council for Planning (SCP( is mandated with the power and authority to develop the strategies and policies that are required to achieve sustainable development in the Sultanate of Oman. It is also mandated with setting the regulations required to give effect to such strategies and polices to achieve the economic diversity and the optimal utilization of the available natural and human resources. The bodies affiliated with SCP are the Secretariat General of the Supreme Council of Planning and the National Centre for Statistics and Information "NCSI". 
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