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A Better Climate for A Green Future (By MECA)

This is a joint initiative carried out by the Ministry of Climate and Environment Affairs (MECA) with the cooperation of other public and private sector entities, research institutions and community. This initiative aims at documenting the green initiatives in the field of adjusting to the climate changes and reducing its impacts on the ecosystem. These initiatives and projects should serve the goal of decreasing the thermal emissions that come because of the global warming.

The participated projects should serve one or more of the following fields:

  • Applying green solutions such as recycling and energy saving.
  • Efficiency in using energy and water resources.
  • Increasing the green fields by tree farming and plantations.
  • Utilizing the renewable energy resources such as the sun and wind energy.

The projects were recorded at the Ministry by the end of 2016 through filling an online form for each project. Then, experts and concerned bodies assess the projects and how do they align to the goals of this initiative. The shortlisted projects will deliver presentations on the idea of each project and how will it serve the objectives of this initiative.

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