This section highlights a wide range of government eParticipation projects in Oman. These projects are initiated by the government entities in Oman to promote the communication between citizens and government in many topics where their opinion helps making the right decision. This ensures a better implementation of the entities development plans and projects for the community.

It also provides a list of all official social media accounts for the government entities. It also presents the e-complaints platforms, hotlines and online platforms to contact the officials of the Omani government that supports the quality communication between the government and the community.


  • E-participation Policy
  • Social Media Policy
  • eParticipation Directory(Arabic Only)

  • eParticipation initiatives

    A number of eParticipation initiatives in the government

    ICT lab

    ICT lab

    The Information and Communication Technology Lab session identifies a set of industrial and commercial activities in the Sultanate’s ICT sector. These activities help develop initiatives and projects capable of setting up a real industry to localize the capital.

    The engagement of public and eSuggestions platforms by Ministry of Labour

    The ministry specifies this community participation page as an electronic window that allows public to express their opinions. It also provides the opportunity for all members of society.

    Oman 2040 Vision

    Oman 2040 Vision is a national project that aims at defining the main elements of the development strategies in the coming decades, involving the stakeholders and all segments of the Omani Society, along with the Public and the private sectors.

    Tawasul system

    Tawasul system is an integrated platform that depends on the direct e-communication between suppliers and consumers, in an interactive manner to solve the issue between both parties, and decide the status of the complaint. 


    Shurkum is a hashtag carried and supervised by ITA in partnership with government entities to discuss the government projects, services and initiatives with the community members through the social media websites.

    eGovernment Social Media Accounts

    All the interactive channels and social media networks related to the government entities. Such platforms allow you to give your feedback, suggestions and even complain in order to give a wider range of interaction with the government.


    The program is centered on the concept of discussion ‘labs’ which will be attended by 200 decision makers from the public and private sectors along with others from the public to raise standards of performance and execution.

    Shura Council (Parliament)

    This page contains details of the regular sittings of the Majlis. In this context, Majlis A’Shura hosts during the annual session a number of ministers to discuss with them the points of the Ministerial statements.

    Sablat Oman

    Sablat Oman is an online social forum that opens the floor for many discussions on a wide range of topics directly related to living in Oman.

    Smart City Platform

    The Smart City Platform is a national initiative that works towards enabling and facilitating the smart city innovations and defining the national smart city vision and strategy.

    eParticipation Initiatives On Environment

    Environment is one of the main topics that highly concerns the community in Oman. Many initiatives were open for public and inspired by their opinions

    Higher Education Admission Centre (HEAC) System

    Higher Education Admission Centre (HEAC) has consulted the students in order to make decisions on the related matters.

    Health Begins with A Step - Khatwa Campaign

    Ministry of Health has initiated this Campaign along with other government entity to highlight the significance of applying healthy steps towards a better life with no diseases.

    TRA’s Public Consultation

    The Telecommunication Regulation Authority (TRA) has opened an online platform to consult the stakeholders in the regulations before they are finally stated.

    Cyber extortion - Awareness Campaign by MTCIT

    MTCIT has carried out a media campaign to defeat the Cyber extortion and increase the users’ awareness of their rights and the ways they can get help.

    Climate eParticipation initiatives

    With the rapid changing in the world’s climate, it has been very significant to address the issues related to the climate and human impacts that changes it. Oman has some initiatives that addresses this issue to decrease its effects on the ecosystem.