Omani Mobile Apps

This section is your window to the government services provided through SMS and mobile apps. It provides you with brief description about each service, service provider, contact details, payable fees, instructions, etc .

Stay home

Stay home application

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An app for all vehicle-related services

Business and Finance
Traffic and Transport

Download Pocketcarage from google play   


The app gives access to thousands of carriers around Oman

Business and Finance
Traffic and Transport

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An app to translate sign language

Services and Social Benefits

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iTrans developed to regulate the transport of parcels, Packages and goods from one place to another.

Business and Finance
Traffic and Transport

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A service app to deliver breakfast for a monthly subscription

Business and Finance

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Rafeeq is an online grocery delivery service

Business and Finance

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Wathiq Pro

This app targets 11th and 12th graders in Oman to enable them to get their lessons explained in an easy method

Education and Research

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The App provides all nationals and foreign residents of the Sultanate of Oman, with transparent information on current infectious diseases

Ministry of Health

Health and Sport

Download Tarassud from google play    Download Tarassud from apple store

Qada Platform

A platform to inquire about court cases and view hearings scedules


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This platform provides short visual content in order to share knowledge and skills with experts and professionals in Oman

Education and Research

Download Edlal from google play    Download Edlal from apple store


Nama Group customers can view their accounts and consumption and make payments online.


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Official Donations

An application aimed at promoting charity by facilitating payment of donations to charitable organizations supported by the Ministry of Social Development.

Ministry of Transport, Communications and Information Technology

Services and Social Benefits

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The app helps students to apply for different higher education institutions, provide location data, and modify their personal data.

Higher Education Admission Center

Education and Research

   Download HEAC from apple store


The app user can reach to the services provided by the Ministry such as laws and regulations, environmental events, nature reserves, and licenses.

Religious Affairs

Download Be'ah from google play    Download Be'ah from apple store


An application that simulates the services provided by the Educational Portal to help teachers access to their weekly schedule and mark students' absence and grades.

Education and Research

Download Madrasati from google play    Download Madrasati from apple store

National Subsidy System-NSS

The system aims to supporting Omanis and enable them to benefit from fuel subsidies provided by the government.

Business and Finance

Download National Subsidy System-NSS from google play    Download National Subsidy System-NSS from apple store


A digital mobile wallet app that enables quick, secure and easy payments through smartphones.

Business and Finance

Download  eFloos from google play    Download  eFloos from apple store


The app allows the user to follow the Ministry's news, sermons, and events.

Religious Affairs

   Download MARA from apple store


An app that allows citizens and residents to benefit from a range of zakat and charity services provided by the Ministry of Endowments and Religious.

Religious Affairs

Download Zakat from google play